🔔 The Morph is discontinued. Click to read the announcement. 🔔 The Morph is discontinued. Click to read the announcement.
Sonalsystem STRUNG - Designed on Buchla Thunder Overlay for Quanta.

Sonalsystem STRUNG - Designed on Buchla Thunder Overlay for Quanta.

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Sonalsystem is the sound moniker of Allen Morgan in Nashville, TN. A longtime designer for many top software companies (Steinberg, Output, Native Instruments, Bitwig, and more), mixing engineer and producer for top talent, and general sound professional, he recently gravitated to the Morph as his go-to design tool. Wrote Allen, "With the Sensel morph, I have created some of my most expressive work to date. It has allowed me to bend and manipulate sound in a way I could’ve only dreamed."

Sonalsystem sells presets and sound packs with top-notch content, giving working musicians a creative edge when their tight deadlines don't give them all the time to create every last waveform. 

His latest creation is the first of a series for the granular synthesizer Quanta, from Audio Damage.

The Morph is a perfect companion for the Quanta, as it's fully MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) capable, and offers an easy matrix for assigning gestures to sound control. It's also available on iOS, which is great for the portable controls of the Morph.  As Allen puts it on his page

We began by sampling from a hi-res string source in the form of electric guitars, rich in tonal character. These textures were profoundly moving on their own but were given a fresh quality when imported into Audio Damage’s Quanta. Our presets made for Quanta are more than ready to be stretched and manipulated in the way only granular synthesis allows.

Quanta is an incredible digital synth. True to many of the Audio Damage products, it tucks away the complicated bits and makes them useful and interesting. We've been using Quanta in our in-person demos in a crazy adaptation of MPE to a bare Morph in Cycling74's Max. Take a listen:

That incredibly complicated drama is a single Quanta patch, using a short sample recorded from Arturia's SEM V plugin as the source material. 

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