As of May 5th, 2022, Sensel is discontinuing all hardware production runs indefinitely for the Morph and Morph accessories. We will continue to provide support through the end of July 2022. Read the official announcement here.



Will my Sensel Morph continue to work?

Yes. There’s no dependency on cloud data for the Morph hardware to function.

Is Sensel going out of business?

Not at all. The company is alive and well. Sensel’s force, touch, and haptics technology is seeing strong demand from enterprise customers. This is one of the reasons we are unable to continue focusing on a consumer-oriented product such as the Morph.


Morph Hardware and Accessories

Can I still buy overlays and accessories?

Yes. For US customers, we still have a limited amount of overlays in stock in our shop, and we will keep those up for sale until sold out or the end of July, whichever comes first. If you are interested in purchasing any, we recommend doing so soon, as availability is very limited. Unfortunately, we are sold out of the Piano and Music Production Overlays, and won’t be producing any more.

We also have plenty of Travel Cases (great for iPads, too) and Developer’s Cables. 

For a limited time, we are having a clearance sale in the US only:

  • Travel Cases and Developer’s Cables are discounted from $25 and $19 to $10
  • Video Editing, Keyboard, Gaming, and Sound-art Overlays are discounted from $35 to $10
  • Buy a Buchla Thunder, Drum Pad, or Innovator’s Overlay, and you can get a free Video Editing, Keyboard, Gaming, or Sound-art Overlay, or a Travel Case or Developer’s Cable. Discount automatically applied at checkout.

If you're wondering what to use the Gaming and Sound-Art overlays for, here's a video that shows some amazing ideas on using them for sound.

For international customers in the EU, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, or Mexico, please check our authorized resellers.

I really want to buy a Morph. Don’t you have at least one for me? 

Sorry, no. Your best bet is to create an email alert on sites that trade in used gear, such as Reverb or eBay, or check/post in the Sensel forum.

What if my Morph breaks?

Given the lack of moving parts in the Morph, repairs are generally not much of an issue. We have had very few instances of failure, and only impacts will generally damage the Morph, at which point, there’s usually not much to be done. 

The main item of concern is the battery. At some point, the battery will cease to be useful. Fortunately, the Morph does not need a functioning battery to work over USB. In fact, the battery can be completely removed and the Morph will still work over a USB connection. Here is a guide we created that shows you how to disassemble your Morph and remove the battery. But please note that doing so will void your warranty. The battery dimensions and specifications are in our guide, but unfortunately we don't have a source for this battery.

If you’re going to store your Morph for a long period of time, we recommend you keep it flat with the black plastic facing up, as the resistive ink is a "non-newtonian" fluid. If you store it upside down or on its side for an extensive time, especially in warm temperatures, it may impact the accuracy of the Morph.  

Software and Firmware

Will the SenselApp continue to work on my computer after July 2022? 

There will not be any new releases or support after July 2022. After that, we cannot guarantee that the SenselApp will continue to work on new operating systems.

That being said, the Morph device is compatible with Windows 11, macOS 12, and iOS 15, and we don't anticipate that there will be compatibility issues anytime soon. The Morph relies on class-compatibility for all of its functions, so there is no proprietary driver that will fail with future operating systems or hardware changes.

The Morph API does have more limitations. Currently, the API is not compatible with the Apple M1 (ARM-based) chips. This also applies to the Morph Max objects and Pure Data objects.

Will there be any more firmware or software updates?

No, there won’t be any more updates. 

Will the software and firmware be open-sourced?

Unfortunately, no. As a technology company, our livelihood is in the intellectual property of our products. The Morph software and firmware contain proprietary processes that would compromise that IP. 

We did explore this option, but even providing the most elemental operation - the means for communication between the sensor array and the MCU - would make public things that Sensel needs to keep private in order to exist.

The SenselApp similarly contains proprietary code that cannot be isolated without a ground-up rewrite. 

Can I load firmware from a local file?


Can I still download sample and preset packs? 

Yes. We consolidated all downloads to a google drive, with descriptions on a single page. 

Will you be updating the control surface scripts for Bitwig and Live?

No. However, these are open source and available on our GitHub, and can be forked, updated or modified as needed.


Warranty and Returns

Is my warranty still valid?

Yes, we will continue to honor any future warranty claims that are within our warranty policy. Claims can be made by contacting 

Can I get a refund for my purchase? Can I return my Morph or Morph accessories for a refund? 

Currently, we are accepting returns that meet the qualifying return criteria in the Sensel return policy. Otherwise, we are not accepting returns.


Information and Customer Support

I have a question about how to use the Morph. Will you still answer my email?

We will continue to provide email support at until July 31, 2022. We encourage users to reach out to our support team prior to then if you are experiencing any issues that require support. You can also use the Sensel forum and communicate with other users. Our YouTube channel answers many questions in detailed tutorials as well. 

Will the forum still be available?

The forum is currently hosted on a managed Discourse server. At some point, that may need to be archived to a self-hosted server, but we currently have no plans to take it down. 

We are currently committed to keep the forum alive at through the end of 2022. 

Will the tutorials and user guide still be available?

All video content on YouTube and the complete user guide will still be available. The user guide is open source, built on the MkDocs framework, and hosted on GitHub pages, so it can be easily updated by the community. This ensures a long life for the documentation, regardless of any changes to the Sensel website. 

What if I have additional questions?

Our support FAQ can help you through many common issues. If you have a specific question or proposal, please contact us at

Privacy and Personal Information

Sensel has received personal information of customers for the purpose of fulfilling orders, servicing customers, and marketing the Morph.

This information will not be sold, nor will it be used for anything other than its original intentions: servicing customer orders, communication with customers about the Morph, and/or updates about Morph and products in the store. It will not be used to market unrelated Sensel products or information. In the event that the Morph or a similar product is able to be produced again, either by Sensel or as a result of a license or sale to another entity, those on the mailing list will be notified.

Further, if you want to be kept in the loop on any future news about Sensel and our technology, including which products in the laptop, mobile, automotive, and AR/VR industries are using our tech, sign up here.

If you want your email and customer data to be removed, contact us at