🔔 The Morph is discontinued. Click to read the announcement. 🔔 The Morph is discontinued. Click to read the announcement.


Sensel Morph Sunset

Sensel Morph Sunset

Ever since we sold out of Morphs in 2021, many of you have been eagerly awaiting updates about the availability of the Sensel Morph. Today, we can provide some closure and announce that unfortunately, Sensel will no longer be producing the current Morph. 

Like many of you, we feel like we were able to only scratch the surface of the potential of the Morph, and we’re disappointed that we can no longer produce it. Production challenges were myriad: the unavailability of what was once a widely available microprocessor, the lack of supply of the resistive ink that was used for the Morph’s pressure sensor, travel restrictions, and internal competition with the rapidly growing demand for Sensel’s enterprise solutions. 

Over the past year, we explored many avenues to restart production: pitching investors, partnering with other music companies, creative arrangements with high-volume manufacturers, and redesigning the Morph. In the end, we had to make the difficult decision to shift our focus to our core enterprise business, especially in the laptop touchpad market. Sensel’s technology is currently being used in the haptic touchpads of Lenovo’s X1 Titanium Yoga and other laptops already in the market, and will be featured in several additional models in the near future. We’re thrilled to enable the next generation haptic touchpads for Windows laptops, and to get our tech into the hands of millions of users.

For those of you who backed the Morph on Kickstarter or purchased one after, we sincerely thank you for being a part of the Sensel journey and helping us get to where we are today. We still can’t wait to see what you create. And for those who signed up for our back-in-stock notifications while we’ve been sold out, we apologize for the long wait and for not being able to fulfill your requests.

Making the Morph and seeing what creative people could do with it was incredibly rewarding. From the same controller, we saw virtuosic finger drum jams, slick productions, tripped out visuals, and interactive installations. The creative minds that got behind the Morph were just awesome. As we move forward with our enterprise business, we hope to influence those markets with what we’ve learned, and work with innovative tool-makers to bring the creativity and richness-of-interaction of the Morph to everyday consumer devices like laptops and phones.

Down the road, we will also rethink the Morph product line and potentially bring another consumer product to market. While there are no plans to do so right now, we welcome all feedback and suggestions.

You may have questions about how we intend to support the Morph moving forward. Please visit our Morph Sunset FAQ page for our end-of-life policies.

With appreciation,
The Sensel Team

Max and The Morph: Live Tutorials

Max and The Morph: Live Tutorials

Volume 1

Volume 1: Expression with the Morph in Max - Topics


Max patches at https://github.com/sensel/C74-Max-Examples

Explore with BEAP

Start with some basics with monophonic expressions. Using the BEAP modules, we’ll build a patch that creates a compelling and unique sound design with only a few connections. It’s a great introduction on the basics of Max but relevant to any modular workflow and designing sound with pressure and location. patch: Live Stream.maxproj/MPE in BEAP.maxpat



Using the Temporal Conduit Oscillator patch, we’ll get into how to adapt an existing patch to a Morph Overlay. It’s pretty simple, thanks to Max 8’s MIDI Map feature, so it’s an easy way to get your Morph working with someone else’s work.

We’ll also check out a visual patch where we use MIDI and the innovator’s overlay to animate a 3D puppet.

patch: Morph Puppet.maxproj/Seymour.maxpat



The Morph is all about feeling. Max is a great way to dial that in, or find something new. We’ll go through some different ways of tuning the data from the Morph so you can dial in how your gestures affect your art.

patch: Live Stream.maxproj/scaling pressure.maxpat



Possibly the easiest way to get rich sound out of Max is to use plugins. This lets you focus on interaction, rather than coding DSP.

patch: Contacts To MPE.maxproj